Release - Installer Coming Soon?


I especially love the Coming Soon! rollover:
“Installers will available on soon”

@jmrice The installers are built by @Jordan_Michaels at Vivio and I believe their creation is in progress.

The broken download page is something that happened over the weekend and we’re looking into it.

@jmrice Please try the download page again, it should be working now.

Yes, the download page is working again. Just waiting on the Installer …

The updated installers are done.


Thanks Jordan!!! I still can remember the old times, we didn’t had any installer at all, having to do it all manually on Windows. :cold_sweat:

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Ha! I remember that too. I remember figuring out how to load Railo/OpenBD as a common class in Tomcat and developing the first installers using a self-extracting BASH script. Good times my friend. :nerd_face:

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