- Active Sessions not being closed

Testing MURA 7 (latest) on Lucee (clean install) / IIS 8.5 Win Server 2012 R2

Using FusionReactor I can see the session being active created, but then the sessions are never removed - even in a closed test environment, I can see the sessions being created for every browser I open, but after closing the browser the session remains active - the only way I can kill the active sessions is with a restart.

With the session remaining open, the heap grows at a rate f about 2-3mb/second with no active users eventually filling the heap and bringing the server to a stand still.

I’ve tried using application sessions and jee sessions - same result. I’ve switched session storage between memory, database and cookie - same result. I’ve tested against multiple mura sites (same server seprate mura installations) same result with each site.

I’ve attempted to log onSessionEnd, but it appears it’s never fired. Any ideas on where to go from here?


Same site running on active sessions act as expected. Log file is written from onSessionEnd.

Resolved - cfhttp issue; Lucee 5.2.x Java Heap Issues