[] No distribution/replication when ehcache name start with uppercase

I’m facing an issue with Ehcache in Lucee ( and I can’t
understand why…
I’ve setup 2 Lucee instances (separate JVM) each with a distributed ehcache
(manual discovery). Env is Ubuntu/Tomcat/JDK7.

Everything works perfectly when creating an Ehcache in web admin as follows

  • Cache name is fully lowercase e.g test
  • Disk persistent : NO
  • Overflow to disk : NO
  • Distributed Type : Manual
  • RMI Urls: //lucee-instance-1:port1/test (lucee-instance-2:port2/test on
    instance 2)
  • Listener hostname: lucee-instance-1 (lucee-instance-2 on instance 2)
  • Listener port : port1 (port2 on instance 2)
    => Replication work perfectly

Replication don’t work when the cache name (in web admin) start with an
uppercase e.g “Test” instead of “test”.

Can someone confirm this issue or am I missing something here ?

Another question not related with the issue above : How do you manage
concurrent modification locking on such distributed cache ?