2018-June I Love Lucee

CommandBox 4.0.0 Released


h/t @isapir

Building My First ColdBox Modules

Ok, the title isn’t entirely accurate. The process discussed here isn’t so much “building” a module as “adding ColdBox functionality” to an existing ForgeBox package - boxifying it, one might say. I’ve never built a ColdBox application, but I’ve been increasingly interested in the framework, so this was a helpful and straightfoward first step toward better understanding it.


h/t Matthew J. Clemente @mjclemente


On ColdFusion and its support for Java 9, 10, and 11

Wondering about CF support for Java 9, 10, or 11, here in 2018 (with respect to CF 2018, CF 2016, CF 11, or earlier)? Did you know that Java 9 and Java 10 each have only 6-month lives? Seriously. And did you know that Java 9 is already no longer updated, while Java 8 still is (into next year), and that Java 11 is due to come out in September 2018? It can be quite confusing if you’ve not been paying attention to Oracle’s new release model.


h/t Charlie Arehart

Lucee Powered Hamilton College

This week’s video is on variable types in Lucee:

Another journey into the internals of the Lucee engine with lead developer @micstriit


The mighty Ben Nadel finally succumbs to the charms of Lucee…

Please make him welcome :slight_smile:

PS. by “show” I believe Ben means shower – one can only imagine :shower:


vscode-coldfusion is dead… long live vscode-cfml!

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The first LIVE episode of Cross Cutting Concerns, recorded at the Into the Box conference with a panel of guests.

The panel:

  • Rakshith Naresh (Senior Product Manager at Adobe)
  • Mark Drew (CMD)
  • Brad Wood (Ortus Solutions) can be summoned “like Beetlejuice” by just saying “ColdFusion” on Twitter
  • Luis Majano (Ortus Solutions)

Bullet Train

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This week’s tutorial on looping files:

This video shows you how to handle big files in Lucee in a better way.
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h/t https://twitter.com/brian_klaas

Task Threads Video

How to use task threads and shows the difference between task threads and regular (daemon) threads.

h/t @micstriit

This week’s video explains how you can use S3 buckets to store your source code:

How to use S3 for your source code in a very easy way.


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Command line CommandBox install:

bash -c "$(curl -fsS bit.ly/2Ki6jPp)"

PS. But what self-respecting Mac user doesn’t use Homebrew?

brew install commandbox

:slight_smile: http://brewformulas.org/commandbox

component {    
    this.tag.cflocation.addtoken = false;
    function onRequest(targetPage){
        location url="google.com";

An oldie but a goodie…

h/t @markdrew

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