2 second lag no matter what

test.cfm in in wwwroot folder has 2.01 second load time.

debugging seems fast:

Fresh install of lucee. Any ideas?

Are you using BonCode and IIS? If so, you need to change how you’re binding.

looks promising. Thanks

AJP connector and ip4 vs ip6

I wanted to thank @bdw429s for this post. We run Commandbox lucee@ with IIS in front on Windows 2019. Our server.json configuration had a host and we recently noticed that IIS was serving static files faster than cfm requests. Fusion reactor was reporting server requests in the 18ms range but the TTFB was 1.18 seconds while the static files were taking 200-300 ms. We updated our server.json to use as the host which resulted in 180-300ms requests for the same cfm requests. This update will have many benefits to our overall application performance! We bundle boncode 1.0.41