1d925hoxusnre.lex. was not found

Message in error logs:

“ERROR”,“main”,“06/27/2021”,“18:46:01”,“load-extension”,"Extension [1d925hoxusnre.lex] was not found…

So, which extension is this?

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
JDK 16.01
Tomcat 9.0.41

To me it looks like it’s the “chart extension”.

Googling I’ve found this entry in a trivial lucee-server.xml file of an old snapshot:

<rhextension file-name="1d925hoxusnre.lex" id="D46B46A9-A0E3-44E1-D972A04AC3A8DC10" lucee-core-version="" name="Chart Extension" release-type="server" start-bundles="false" trial="false" version=""/>

Thank you! I did find the line in the XML file and removed it.