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About the proposals category (8)
I've made revolutionary performance changes to Lucee (18)
Logging the actual template causing missing terminating [#] error (6)
Query Builder (18)
Add QuerySetRow & Query.setRow() (10)
Support for Secrets? (1)
Adding a compress flag to cfzip and cfzipparam (1)
Add case insensitive option to file directory/exist functions (1)
New struct function: struct.has() (3)
Add support for sort type="natural|naturalNoCase" (12)
Allow the var keyword outside of functions as alias for Variables Scope (6)
Elvis setter (2)
Improving QueryNew(struct, data) (7)
Deprecated framework (2)
Enum types (6)
Rework static scope access (8)
Query map(), allow mapping to add/remove columns on the query? (6)
Struct literal syntax for ordered structs {[ key:value, key2:value2 ]} (10)
Match the Adobe CF behavior of treating query columns as arrays (12)