tag A <strong>public area</strong> for the capers and deliberations of the elected Technical Advisory Group (TAG); including TAG decisions and meeting minutes. ideas Topics in the "ideas" category are intended to be a ​<em>focused</em>​ place for gathering ideas on a narrow topic. Generally speaking, they will be calling for opinions and ideas about the best way that Lucee should go about achieving some goal. proposals Topics in the "proposal" category are intended to be a ​focused​ place for gathering a critique on a specific idea. Generally speaking, they will be calling for detailed analysis of the pros and cons of the proposed approach. At the end of the discussion, we should be aiming to have a well developed and defined proposal backed by community input and opinion.
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Lucee Manifesto [language] (8)

Lucee Association Switzerland (LAS) is a collective of Member companies that act as the custodian for Lucee Server and it’s related code bases. While LAS Members don’t always agree on all things, the manifesto is an effo…

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